Fans Question An NBA Referee’s Reaction To A Jimmy Butler Basket In Heat-Celtics Game

A referee holds a basketball.


The Miami Heat landed a huge Game 1 win in Boston as they started their playoff series against the Celtics on Wednesday night. The Heat overcame a halftime deficit, using a huge second half to pull the upset.

Guard Jimmy Butler took the game over during those final two quarters, scoring 20 of his game-high 35 points after the break. Fans are now questioning a referee after seeing his reaction to one of those second half baskets.

Miami fell behind early in this contest, trailing 66-57 when the first half ended. Cue Butler and his late-game heroics.

The playoffs’ best performer thus far, the guard led all scorers while also pacing his squad with seven assists. The Heat exploded in the third quarter, outscoring the Celtics 46-25 to regain the lead. They’d shut the door in the fourth, thanks to a few key makes from their fearless leader.

After the win, Butler was interviewed, leading to an astute observation from viewers.

As highlights flashed across the television screen, many keyed in on one NBA referee’s reaction to an impressive Butler lay-in. He almost looked disappointed to see it go in.

Fans immediately posted their reactions on social media.

One person claimed, “Dude had money on the under for sure.”

Someone else said, “This ref needs to be investigated.”

Others, though, believed it to be an overreaction. They said the ref was just turning to get back down the court, leading to the grimace.

This fan commented, “He looked like he was running back, and he just made that face.”

Another follower wrote, “Another day another Twitter over reaction. The ref was literally just turning to run back.”

We’ll let you be the judge.