NBC’s Cris Collinsworh Rips The Eagles To Shreds For Openly Tanking Vs Washington On National TV

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NBC’s Cris Collinsworth was not a fan of the Eagles’ strategy on Sunday night.

During a competitive game on Sunday Night Football, the Eagles decided to bench starting QB Jalen Hurts for third-string QB Nate Sudfeld.

The Eagles offense immediately struggled with Sudfeld in at QB and the team went on to lose the game 20-14. It was clear to anyone watching the game that the Eagles were tanking the game to get a better pick in the draft.

Collinsworth saw what the Eagles were doing and had to say something about it.

I couldn’t have done what Philadelphia did, I simply could not have done it. You got men out there who are fighting their guts out trying to win the game and I’m not blaming anybody, I personally could not have done what they did.

One of those rare instances were I completely agree with Cris Collinsworth.