NCAA President Mark Emmert Rightfully Gets Roasted After Making An Absurd Comment About Jobs

NCAA President Gets Roasted For Making Absurd Comment About His Job

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  • NCAA president Mark Emmert said something stupid and is getting dragged for it.
  • According to Emmert, his job is very, very hard.
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When you stop and think about the hardest jobs in America your mind probably goes toward a firefighter, police officer, healthcare worker, or farmer. According to Mark Emmert, being the president of a university is actually the hardest job in the United States.

Emmert actually said that, out loud.

Is being a university president the easiest job in America? Definitely not, but to say it’s the hardest job in America is beyond absurd.

First and foremost, the average salary for university presidents in the United States is $86,574. The keyword there is average, plenty of university presidents make well over six figures, some make closer to seven in salary alone. Drew Gilpin Faust, previously the president of Harvard, had a base pay of $987,027.

There are certainly a lot of moving parts, you have to kiss some tail when it comes to boosters, and you always have to be on, but at the end of the day being a university president is a pretty cushy job.

Emmert is obviously going to bat for all the university presidents out there, which you can’t necessarily blame him for, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t receive some criticism for his statement. University presidents have had to deal with a lot throughout the pandemic, but nothing compared to actual essential workers, of course.

Folks on Twitter were quick to call out Emmert for his comment:

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