Ndamukong Suh Suspended One Game For Touching Precious Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions star defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was suspended one game without pay for stepping on Aaron Rodgers twice late in the game yesterday. The oft-fined big man will be forced to watch Sunday’s contest against the Dallas Cowboys from the sidelines.

Suh, who has a long history of breaking rules and playing dirty on the field, came THIS close to ending the presumed MVP’s life by stepping on his brittle legs in a not-so-accidental manner.

WARNING: This footage is extremely disturbing and may not be suitable for younger viewers or anyone who has never seen a football game.

Clearly Suh is lucky he wasn’t immediately placed in an electric chair for having the audacity to attempt murder on national television. There is *no place in the game for this type of behavior*.

It is fitting, however, that Suh’s last Sunday with the franchise finds him ineligible to play because of poor anger management. Nicely sums up his time in the Motor City.

*Since, like, 2008.