Nebraska’s Scott Frost Responds To P.J. Fleck’s ‘Culture’ Comment Following Loss To Minnesota

nebraska scott frost responds pj fleck culture comment

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  • Scott Frost didn’t appreciate P.J. Fleck’s comment after Nebraska’s loss to Minnesota.
  • Frost clapped back at Fleck during his press conference on Wednesday.
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Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck had some things to say following his team’s win over Nebraska this past weekend, and Cornhusker head coach Scott Frost didn’t appreciate Fleck’s comments one bit.

After Minnesota’s 30-23 win over Nebraska, Fleck explained to the media that the Golden Gophers’ win was a result of “culture versus skill.” That’s obviously a direct shot at Nebraska and its culture, so it’s certainly understandable that Frost didn’t enjoy hearing those things said about his program.

Frost was asked about Fleck’s comments during a press conference on Wednesday and said he was surprised that Fleck went that direction with his post-game comments.

“Our culture has come 100 miles,” Frost said. “I think they have some skilled players, too, so I’m surprised to hear that.”

While Fleck and Frost can have their little feud, we should probably talk about Frost saying that his team’s culture has come a long way.

I supposed that’s true, but at the end of the day, Nebraska is 3-5 on the year and 15-25 since Frost took over in 2018.

Nebraska fans will appreciate Frost sticking up for his team and clapping back at Fleck, but things are far from great in Lincoln.