10 New Fitness Studies With Conclusions That May Shock You

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Some of these studies are a little more “put together” and recent than others. Regardless, I found some of these to be pretty interesting and thought I would share:

1. Watching Porn before you lift can make you stronger

Just before you down that pre-workout, make sure to hop on one of a billion free porn sites for a few minutes. In this study, the test subjects watched about 4 minutes of porn before lifting and saw dramatic rises in testosterone and 3RM performance.

2. You can improve your performance by up to 15% by listening to music

Anyone who lifts could have told you this, but now it's backed up by science. Just make sure you are not bringing noise cancelling headphones or you'll still look like a douche.

3. People who want to quit smoking are twice as likely to succeed if they do resistance training

I'm sure some of the guys at the Brobible are trying to kick the habit. This study was done on resistance training so make sure you are hitting the weights and not just doing cardio.

4. There's no difference between nibbling and gorging

Here we go again. This study is much older than the others, but remains true. Increased meal frequency has no effect on metabolism and will not help you lose any weight. Justifying eating something bad because you need a snack will not help you.  

5. You can absorb 100+ grams of protein in a meal

I'm still fending off the myth that you can only absorb 20-30 grams per meal. A recent study found that you can absorb over 100 grams per meal and it still has not effect on absorption or preservation of lean muscle mass.

6. Fasting helps fight off cancer

Another reason to fast, but there is now some pretty solid evidence that fasting fends of the growth of cancer cells. Before, they would simply put you on a calorie restricted diet to reduce the cells. Now there are some promising results in mice that suggest fasting will do the thing.

7. Fasted Training increases muscle protein synthesis

Most bodybuilding website and others would lend you to believe that you will shrivel away and die if you do not eat before training. This is not true. In fact, this study points to fasted training improving muscle protein synthesis during recovery from cardio exercises. I would fast before lifting weights, but this is a pretty interesting study.

8. Cardio before weightlifting

The great debate of which to do first seems to be coming to a close, for men at least. This study found out that doing light cardio 30 minutes before lifting will significantly boost testosterone levels. Done in reverse order, it did not have the same effect.

9. Clenching your teeth before lifting

Wearing a mouth guard has now been proven to increase the explosion and overall performance of athletes when executing power movements. The definitive reason why this happens is unknown, but they are guessing that it helps increase blood flow to the brain. This extra blood should help in awareness, reactive ability, and muscle control.

10. Alcohol only reduces Testosterone by 6.8%

I'll end this one on a positive note. While drinking alcohol is never good for you, this study found it does not have as significant of an effect on testosterone as some would like you to believe. 6.8% is not bad for drinking 30-40g of alcohol per day. Although, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the samples were taken the next morning and not during.

Hope you found these useful guys. Imma go get ready to workout. 

See you next week, bros,

Alex Nerney – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Lord of Broscience

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