New Lions President Rod Wood Made The Most Lions Statement Ever

by 5 years ago

The Detroit Lions have a new team President and though it is early, I can unequivocally say Rod Wood is the right man for the job.

An official statement featuring “probably” not qualified and “think” I’m qualified, living together in the same sentence makes me wonder if his interview was conducted solely through armpit noises rather than any words at all.

Amazingly enough, that train-wreck of a statement was not alone when it came to the unintentional comedy delivered by Wood:

“As most people have noted, I’m not a football guy, that’s not in my background. What I am pretty good at is hiring great people and letting them do their job.”

I always thought that knowing football, or whatever business it might be, would play a rather significant role in hiring great people to do their respective jobs. But HEY, maybe that’s just me.

Starting from zero with nowhere to go but down is absolutely The Lions Way. What a perfect way to start a new beginning to a new end.

[H/T Deadspin]

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