NFL Reportedly Aiming To Make History On Christmas Day With Triple-Header Of Game

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It’s not every day the NFL has the chance to do something for the first time in league history.

After all, the league has been around since 1920 and it’s pushed the boundaries of football innovation in any and every way.

But that’s just what the league is hoping to do with its 2023 Christmas Day slate of games.

The news was buried in a report by Peter King of Football Morning In America. King, who routinely has his finger on the pulse of the NFL, revealed the league was hoping to do something new on Christmas Day.

“The release of the schedule, which the NFL had hoped to have for a primetime show Thursday night, may be delayed. It’s still likely to be done in time for release Thursday at 8 p.m., but I was told over the weekend it may not be finished in time. The 2023 mega-games—opening Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights, Thanksgiving Day, the new Black Friday tilt, the Sunday night game on Christmas Eve and the Monday tripleheader on Christmas—are not set in stone yet. The mega-games are usually solid by early May. The schedule crew is slated to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell this afternoon in New York, at which time more clarity on the tentpole games is expected. I’m told as of the weekend the NFL was still in search of options on the 272-game regular season slate, with a series of computers continuing to spit out alternatives.”

That’s right.

The NFL is hoping to have a triple-header of game on Christmas, which falls on a Monday this year. It would be the first time in league history there’s been a Monday triple-header.

The league has increased it’s Christmas Day presence in each of the last three years. It held one game in 2020, two in 2021 and three this past season.

The holiday, which has traditionally belonged to the NBA, is now becoming more and more of a football day. And we, for one, can’t wait to see it.

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