The NFL Plans To Use The Entirety Of Deshuan Watson’s Fine For An Awesome Cause

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Deshaun Watson was suspended for 11 games in the upcoming season. That suspension will keep him out of the lineup in Cleveland through Week 13 of the regular season.

Fittingly, that return will come against his former team with the Browns travelling to Houston to take on the Texans. He will be eligible to play in the Browns’ final six games.

But along with that suspension came a $5 million fine. The NFL wanted to go after Watson’s wallet in his punishment as Cleveland had set his contract up for a minimal financial hit. This fine does just that, as the 11-game ban on its own would’ve cost the passer just over $630,000.

And the league plans to do the best thing possible with the fine, donating it to programs dedicated to preventing sexual misconduct and sexual assault.

That could certainly be viewed as a W for the NFL, and a somewhat positive end to what’s been a tumultuous couple of months, although plenty of fans would’ve rather seen a harsher punishment for Watson.

Take a look at the immediate reaction on social media.

Fans react to the NFL using Deshaun Watson’s fine as donation to sexual assault prevention

There were mixed emotions on the NFL’s plan to use Deshaun Watson’s fine as a way to support programs dedicated to preventing sexual assault. Some saw it as a positive move by the league.

Others, though, say that this is more of a PR move. They believe a harsher punishment for Watson would’ve sent a stronger message.

While a longer suspension might’ve sent a stronger message on the league’s stance, a $7 million donation is certainly an awesome result of Watson’s punishment in its own right.

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