NFL Fans Blast Arizona For Letting Matthew Stafford Easily Recover His Fumble After A Truly Bizarre Play

NFL Fans Blast Arizona For Letting Matthew Stafford Easily Recover His Fumble After A Truly Bizarre Play

Getty Image / Norm Hall

  • The Los Angeles Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football 30-23 to keep the NFC West division tight
  • A bizarre moment took place in the 3rd quarter when the refs didn’t blow the whistle on what looked like an incomplete pass and Matthew Stafford easily recovered his own fumble
  • NFL fans on social media blasted the Arizona Cardinals defense because they could’ve easily recovered the ball if they played the whistle but only Stafford appeared to stick to the basics
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Play to the whistle or the coach will have everyone running laps. This was something drilled into our heads in youth sports across Football, Soccer, Basketball, and I’m sure every other sport I didn’t play but the refrain was always the same. Play to the whistle.

In the 3rd quarter of Monday Night Football, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford seemed to be the only player who remembered to play to the whistle. The Rams would beat the Cardinals 30-23 on the road and are just 1 game away from being tied in the NFC West. It was a huge game for both teams and this one play could’ve drastically altered the course of the game.

The moment came with the Rams on the Cardinals’ 6-yard line in the 3rd quarter. It appeared that Matthew Stafford threw an incomplete pass and everyone on the Arizona Cardinals defense gave up on the play. They could’ve easily recovered the ball before Stafford. Defensive lineman Jordan Phillips was practically on top of the ball. But only Matthew Stafford played to the whistle and he sprinted over and hopped on his own fumble because the refs never blew the whistle.

Fans Blast Arizona Cardinals For Not Picking Up Matthew Stafford Fumble

There were, of course, fantasy football implications.

It really is strange how we constantly see defenders pick up the ball and run with it as if their bodies and minds were already six steps ahead and they couldn’t stop despite hearing the whistle, but this time there’s no whistle and they just let Matthew Stafford pick it up.

On the flip side, if the Arizona Cardinals did recover the fumble because the refs never blew the whistle the play could’ve been reviewed and overturned as an incomplete pass. But it’s also just as likely there wouldn’t have been enough evidence to overturn and the play would’ve stood.