NFL Films Presents The Best Mic’d Up Trash Talk, Fails And Celebrations Of The 2017 Season


An NFL fan can watch 200 interviews and learn less about a player than a 30 second NFL Films clip. These mic’d up clips are some of the most compelling pieces of content that is mined from the game. NFL Films recently released a 36-minute video compiling the best trash talk, fails, and celebrations of the 2017 season. Now, I don’t normally drop YouTube clips in here the length of sitcoms, but this is worth your time. If you’re not sure if you want to dive into a 36-minute endeavor, I’ve transcribed some of the action within the first five minutes of the video.

1:40 mark — Packers defensive end mike Daniels talking to his defensive lineman coordinator about how Jacquizz Rodgers broke his ankles.

2:55 mark — A gassed Xavier Rhodes talking about how fast DeSean Jackson is.

3:47 mark — Chiefs Marcus Peters jawing to Steelers’ CB Artie Burns from the sideline.

4:26 mark — Jadeveon Clowney talking shit to LeShaun Sims about DeAndre Hopkins going to expose him before Sims picks Tom Savage odd.

5:00 mark — Antonio Brown jokingly calling out Xavier Rhodes for sneakily holding him.

Ok, we hooked yet? Thought so. Tell your boss your wife made chili last night and you’re going to camp out in the bathroom for the rest of the day.





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