The NFL Has Released The Locations For Super Bowls 51-55 So Everyone Can Start Saving Up For Tickets

Despite being one of the most popular sporting events in the world, I don’t think many people who actually go to the Super Bowl go for the game. It’s a vacation. It’s more about the destination and what they get to do there. People who can afford to go to the game aren’t going to go jetting into some back alley slum to watch the game when they have the ability to do so from their private home theaters. So when the NFL picks a venue, they need to A) Make sure the destination is worth people’s time and B) Make sure the stadium is nice enough that people won’t leave.

So, with the NFL rolling out the picks for Super Bowls 51 – 55 today, it’s no real surprise that the majority of the destinations are vacation hotspots. And I purposely said ‘majority’ and ‘not all of them’. So start planning your trips and crossing your fingers, because maybe your team will make it to one of the nice places.

Super Bowl LI – NRG Stadium, Houston

Houston’s not bad. It’s warm year-round and those Texans seem to love drinking. I’m not sure if they’re drinking because they want to party or because they’re full of self-loathing, but either way, it works for me. Houston is a little hipster, which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, but you’re not getting the classic Friday Night Lights Texas experience. The severity of which really depends on the vacationer.

Super Bowl LII – U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Ok, Minneapolis. Going to be honest, never been, never really had any plans to be. I’m not even sure what’s in Minneapolis. I’m sure there are fun things to do like go to the rivers or think go to bars, but Minneapolis never really strikes me as a bucket list city. Like if I had 30 days to live, I don’t think Minneapolis would quite make the cut of places I needed to see before I died. Regardless, I’ve heard that the Vikings stadium is very nice. And it’s not like Minneapolis is Iraq or anything. So, gun to my head, I’d buy this ticket.

Super Bowl LII – Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Baby baby. Hotlanta. While it’s no Martha’s Vineyard, Atlanta is a great city to drink until you get a nosebleed and saddle up with some nice Southern belle with no consequences. Plus, the city is flooded with college kids half of the time. No better place to party like it’s your sophomore year all over again without sticking out. In addition, the Falcons new stadium is going to be dope as shit. There’s nothing better than a new stadium. Well, ok, maybe a few things, but watching a game in a new stadium. That’s like getting a blowjob in a G6. The game may suck, but nothing will beat the location.

Super Bowl LIV – New Miami Stadium, Miami

This one is pretty cut and dry. Miami is Miami. Beaches, bitches, sun, repeat. And, on top of that, the renovations that the Dolphins are planning for their stadium are going apparently going to be tight as hell. Rumors have it that essentially, they’re going to gut the entire venue and revamp it entirely. So it’s essentially a new stadium. So hundo percent chance this trip will be worth everyone’s while.

Super Bowl LV – City of Champions Stadium, Los Angeles

This one’s a no-brainer. A brand new stadium in Los Angeles? Am I keen on the name of the stadium? No, and I can really see this one going either way in that the hippies in LA may build a stadium no one wants to go to. But the other side is, it’s probably going to be very nice, hippies or not. Plus, come on, California? How could you not find something awesome to do? That’d be like going into the library of Alexandria and complaining that there are no books to read. So, even if this early in the season you feel confident dashing your team’s playoff hopes, I’d still book these tickets now.