The Internet Rips The NFL’s New ‘Targeting’ Rule After Bears’ Nick Orr Gets Called For Penalty On What Used To Be A Routine Play

It’s going to be a long season if routine plays are called unneccessary roughness penalties in the NFL next season. In the second quarter of today’s Hall-of-Fame preseason game between the Ravens and the Bears, Bears defensive back Nick Orr made what used to be a routine play, lowering his head and diving into the Ravens receiver’s chest to break up a pass. NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth noted that this is a penalty under the new helmet rules adopted by the NFL this offseason.

It doesn’t matter now if you drop your head where you hit the opposing player, it’s no longer the head or neck area. If you drop your head to make a hit in the stomach or anywhere, it’s a penalty.

Of course NFL fans were not pleased with how the new rule was being enforced.

It’ll probably take some time to getting used to the new rule but man that’s crazy.