NFL Isn’t Paying Rihanna For Super Bowl Halftime Show But Here’s Why It’s Still Beneficial For Her

Rihanna NFL Super Bowl

Getty Image / Kevin Mazur

The Super Bowl takes place today and hopefully, it’s a great game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

However, many are paying attention to Rihanna as she is the NFL’s halftime performer this year.

Some already know that the league doesn’t pay its halftime performers and many have spoken about it in Rihanna’s case.

Regardless, here’s why it’s still incredibly beneficial for her.

According to Front Office Sports, the NFL still covers production costs. But what’s really eye-popping is the amount of exposure the artist receives performing the Halftime Show.

The Super Bowl is one of, if not, the most-watched events of the year. The NFL is likely to garner somewhere around 190 million viewers. Everything about it is a spectacle.

The game, the commercials, and the halftime performance have all eyes glued to the television. So, although Rihanna isn’t being paid for her performance, the NFL is still providing a massive platform.

If anything, this could likely lead to more ticket sales whenever she goes on tour next. Not to mention people buying her albums and songs after watching her perform on the NFL’s biggest stage.

So, in the end, it sounds like it balances out. No wonder these artists are willing to perform at the Super Bowl.