Rihanna Responds To Brandon Marshall’s Prank On Patrick Mahomes With Fake Quotes About Her


Getty Image / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Patrick Mahomes was the victim of a prank this week. Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall attended one of Mahomes’ media availability and pulled one over on the Kansas City quarterback.

When it was B. Marshall’s turn to ask Patrick Mahomes a question he said “Rihanna came out and said you are the greatest quarterback ever. Hearing that, how does that make you feel?”

Mahomes was flattered. He said “it makes me feel great.” Then went on to praise Rihanna’s upcoming Super Bowl Half Time Show performance:

Brandon Marshall later approached Rihanna about this. He told Rihanna how he’d ‘pranked’ Patrick Mahomes with the fake quote.

Rihanna Responds To Brandon Marshall’s Prank On Patrick Mahomes

She told Brandon he’s a hater and sent a message to Patrick that she was sorry for Marshall’s antics:

Rihanna told TMZ Sports and Brandon Marshall “I am so sorry you went through that [Patrick]. I still think you’re great. (Brandon’s) a hater! That is so mean. (Brandon) is mean, ok? I am so sorry you went through that, okay.”

Notice that Rihanna says ‘you’re great’ but she does NOT say he’s the GOAT. Which, as we all know, Patrick Mahomes is not the GOAT and he’s far from it.

That’s not to say he won’t get there one day but he has a LOT of AFC Championships and Super Bowls to win before he can be in the same conversation as Tom Brady and the GOAT’s trophy case.