Angry NFL Players Are Having Some Hilarious Reactions To Their ‘Madden 19’ Ratings

by 7 months ago
madden 19 trailer

EA Sports

July isn’t exactly the most exciting month in the NFL offseason but every year EA Sports is nice enough to give football fans (and players) something to care about when they release the skill ratings for the newest installment in the Madden franchise. A couple of weeks ago, we discovered which seven players received a perfect rating in this year’s game (and who will get the sick gold cleats that come with the honor) before the full list was revealed shortly after.

A few of the NFL’s most promising rookies have already sounded off on how they feel about their virtual skillset and now some of the league’s most prominent players are voicing their opinion. ESPN rounded up a number of reactions from athletes who have jumped on social media after discovering how they compare to the rest of their colleagues and it’s safe to say some of them are not exactly thrilled.

Ryan Shazier might not actually be playing in real life next season but that doesn’t mean the two-time Pro Bowler is happy about his avatar’s rating.

Cam Heyward is also not a huge fan.

Kyle Long’s stats aren’t going to blow anyone away but at least he acknowledged they’re pretty on point (while also saying he doesn’t really care when he obviously kind of cares).

However, there was at least one player who was thrilled to use his rating to clap back at people who’ve doubted him.

I can only imagine how hard the Cardinals must be kicking themselves right now.

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