NFL Reportedly Considering Two Cities For Playoff Bubbles

nfl playoff bubble

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The 2020 NFL season got off to a solid start in terms of the health and safety of players and staff when it came to COVID-19. Then, a few weeks into the season, cases began popping up, the Titans suffered an outbreak, Cam Newton tested positive, and games have been rescheduled.

Positive cases were inevitable, it was no secret that the NFL’s response to said positive cases was going to be the true test.

The idea of a bubble, or multiple bubbles around the country, have been rumored before the season even started. With the NBA’s bubble being extremely successful when it comes to the health and safety of the players, the NFL turning to a bubble concept may not be the worst move.

While the NFL doesn’t have any plans of implementing a bubble during the regular season, a new report suggests that the league has already begun discussing the idea of having two bubbles for the playoffs.

According to The Athletic, the NFL would move to bubbles in two cities following the Wild Card round and the two cities being considered are Dallas and Los Angeles. SoFi Stadium, the new home of the Chargers and Rams would serve as the stadium in LA while the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium would play home to games in Dallas. Both cities have plenty of housing options for players, staff, and families if they are allowed to make the trip with the team as well.

While nothing is official regarding this bubble concept, the NFL at least having these discussions is a smart move. At the very least, getting the wheels in motion to move the postseason inside two bubbles if nothing changes in regards to the virus between now and then shows that the league is already planning ahead.

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