NFL Punishes Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott For Comments About Officials


Getty Image / Michael Zagaris

  • Dak Prescott condoned fans throwing objects at referees after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the 49ers
  • Now we know what his punishment for those comments will be
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We all knew it was coming. Dak Prescott wasn’t going to escape punishment from the NFL. Now we know exactly what that punishment will be.

The Dallas Cowboys had a strange ending to their game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. With 14 seconds left on the clock and no timeouts remaining, the Cowboys called a designed run for Dak.

After he slid down, the team rushed back to the line to spike the ball. They spotted the ball themselves and Dak ran to get behind center, but got in the way of the ref, who needed to be the one to spot the ball, and the clock expired before they could snap the ball.

The fans did not respond well to the game’s officiating, throwing objects at the refs after the game. When Dak was told about this, his response was “a credit to them then.”

It was a comment that was widely criticized in the sports world and even led the NBA’s referees to encourage the NFL to punish Prescott. Dak did take to Twitter this week to apologize for the comments.

It wasn’t enough to save Dak Prescott from a $25,000 fine. Hopefully this prevent any other players from condoning this kind of behavior from fans.