The NFL Partners With Snapchat In Amazing Move For Fans To Take In Gameday

It’s OK to admit that we turn our cell phones around on ourselves and take pics and videos to share with friends, showing how much we’re feeling ourselves. We all do it, bros.

And now, thanks to a new partnership between the NFL and the popular content-sharing app Snapchat, football fans will be able to feel good about doing it for a purpose, delivering all-access videos and pictures to others in a unique way to experience gameday.

Looking to further the stranglehold on the sports industry by delivering unique, custom content for viewers, the NFL announced their partnership with Snapchat to help fans feel the passion that gameday brings—along with creating a new revenue stream through advertisers.



The agreement will have the NFL take part in Snapchat’s “Live Stories” feature, allowing fans to create their own photos and videos and then share with users on a mobile platform like never before seen in sports.

With sports sites like Bleacher Report getting participation from athletes like LeBron James to deliver original, behind-the-scenes content byway of their video series “Uninterrupted,” there’s an interest from athletes to take part in the mobile movement—which is amazing for fans to see.

Per the official release, Ben Schwerin, Head of Partnerships for Snapchat, said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with the NFL on Live Stories. Our users will get an exciting look at what’s it’s like to be right in the middle of the action with the fans and players all season long.”

The partnership comes after a successful test run by the two sides during this year’s NFL Draft, where the league and Snapchat teamed up to produce a Live Story for future pros and fans to share, with nearly 15 million fans viewing it worldwide.

So while selfies posted on Twitter and Instagram by our favorite athletes are cool, getting one on your phone from inside the locker room after a big win is something that puts the NFL in unprecedented territory.

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