NFL Reportedly Adding Its Own Streaming Service That Offers Zero Perks For Live Games

NFL Adding A Streaming Service That Offers Zero Perks For Live Games

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  • The NFL is reportedly adding its own, new streaming service.
  • The subscription service doesn’t actually offer any perks when it comes to live games, however.
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Congrats, football fans, you’re soon going to have yet another subscription streaming service to sign up for as the NFL is reportedly set to debut its own in July.

According to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the NFL is expected to launch the new streaming service, very cleverly named ‘NFL Plus,’ for $5 per month.

What does that $5 a month actually get you? Well, not all that much, if you’re interested in actually streaming live games.

While users will be able to stream games, they will be limited to streaming the games only in their local TV market. In other words, you’ll now be able to stream the same game you’re already likely paying for with your cable provider, but from your phone or tablet, and for an extra $5 a month.

While it may seem ridiculous, it’s worth noting that those in-market games were previously distributed to laptops and tablets via Yahoo and through major carriers to mobile phones, but those deals have since expired, hence the ‘need’ for NFL Plus.

NFL Plus is also expected to include radio, podcasts, and team-created content. It’s unclear whether said content will be exclusive to the app, but one would assume the league would add exclusive content given that the subscription is not free.

Fischer also notes that as talks continue about the league selling an equity stake in media properties to either Apple or Amazon, NFL Plus could be folded into that package.