NFL Teams Reportedly Will No Longer Wear Color Rush Uniforms On ‘Thursday Night Football’

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The tradition of NFL teams wearing Color Rush uniforms exclusively during Thursday Night games has officially come to an end thanks to Fox.

According to Jason Barrett of Sports Radio Pod Fox Sports made the decision because they didn’t think Thursday Night football needed a “gimmick” to attract fans to watch their games.

Bill Wanger of FOX Sports says alternate uniforms on Thursday Night Football are going away. Hardcore fans don’t need gimmicks to watch. The game schedule will also be stronger. #NABShow

NFL Network’s Mike Garofalo is reporting that the NFL may opt to use the Color Rush some time later in the season just not on Thursday Night’s anymore.

n color rush, the uniforms aren’t going away completely. It’s just that they might not be exclusive to Thursday nights anymore, sources say. Could be some other tweaks to the uniform policy as well. Also, this is subject to votes from ownership.

While some of the Color Rush jerseys were pretty cool looking there were plenty that looked terrible and were openly mocked on the Internet. Fox probably made the smart move here and hopefully we never see those terrible Miami Dolphins creamsicle jerseys ever again.

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