We Need To Give The NHL The Credit It Deserves For Its Plan To Resume Play

nhl phase 2 reopening memo

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It seemed there could be a promising sign for MLB fans when it comes to a possible start date of the season, but that whole notion has hit a little bit of a roadblock. Even sports fans who aren’t into baseball have been keeping an eye on the league’s discussion with the MLB Players Association as a deal would be a promising sign for sports worldwide. With all of that chaos, it made me realize that it’s time we tip our caps to the NHL and its players.

As a guy who isn’t really a huge fan of the NHL, I think I’m also guilty of not giving hockey players the credit they deserve. These guys are simply just a different breed. The NHL and NHLPA have led the charge for American sports on bringing professional sports back into your living rooms, and I’m not surprised. Hockey guys just want to play hockey, knock some people on their ass and rip some slap shots. Contract negotiations and pay cuts are a brutal thing to deal with, yet somehow these guys seemed to just breeze right through it. It makes me think that some of these guys would truly have no issue with even playing for free.

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Let’s be honest, there’s a lot more than meets the eye in regards to all the challenges and speed blocks that come with trying to bring sports back during this time. While I would never hold it against the NBA, MLB, and other professional players for fighting for higher wages, it does make you realize the beauty of hockey players. Tough, hard nose guys just waiting to knock someone off their skates at any time. You could have proposed the NHL season to continue in a parking lot and these guys would be all for it. Does a guy like Alex Ovechkin really look like he gives a shit where he’s playing? If half the league is not concerned about missing their front two teeth, they’re not going to worry too much about when or how they are playing.

Although I most likely wouldn’t recognize a hockey player out in public if I was sitting right next to one, I’d be sure to tip my cap his direction. Hats off to the NHL and their players for getting the ball rolling, and bringing sports back into our lives sooner rather than later.