NHL All-Stars Get GoPros Strapped to Their Buckets, Show Off Disgusting Skills

On the eve of the NHL All-Star Weekend, GoPro has announced an official partnership with the NHL. Details of the deal are hazy, but on a very simple level we know this: GoPro’s are coming to the NHL.

In honor of the momentous partnership, several of the NHL All-Stars strapped GoPro’s to their buckets for practice and gave us all a first person look at the absolutely sickening skills that make up an NHL All-Star.

I know, I’m just as shocked as you bros that the NHL has an All-Star Weekend. Shouldn’t your ratings have to be higher than Chopped in order to necessitate an All-Star game? But I digress…

Here are the details regarding the GoPro and NHL deal (as reported by ESPN):

GoPro has signed a deal with the NHL to bring its wearable cameras closer to the action on the ice and let viewers see games from the perspective of players and referees.

It’s the company’s first such deal with a major professional sports league. While GoPro would not comment on whether other partnerships are in the works, they would make sense.

As part of the NHL deal, footage from GoPro cameras on players, referees and placed around the rink will be shown as part of the live broadcast of this weekend’s All-Star events.

Later, prerecorded footage from the players will be incorporated into TV broadcasts of games.

For more on the announcement you can head on over to ESPN by clicking HERE.


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