Former Olympian Nick Symmonds Told Us About The Immense Pressure Professional Athletes Put On Themselves Even When They Win

This week on “We Run This,” two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds joined the show to discuss his time as a runner for the United States and his new career hosting running challenges on his YouTube channel.

Symmonds’ channel is filled with videos of the former sprinter racing go-karts, Teslas, fitness challenges, and ridiculous ideas like running a “Big Mac Mile.”

In this segment of the show, Symmonds discusses the frustration of not making the Olympic team for the third time and gives a glimpse of just how hard elite athletes are on themselves, no matter what he or she accomplishes in a sport.

“I know Olympic Gold medalists who look back on their career with frustration because they didn’t get the world record. An elite athlete is never happy.”

Later in the interview, Nick talks about competing in the Olympics and the mental crash that happened when that part of his life ended, where he gets the inspiration for his YouTube videos, getting smoked on the track by strangers, a secret cheat he does before his races, and how to win a race against friends.

Listen to the entire episode now!