Single-A Team Throws Nickelodeon ‘Guts’-Themed Night, With Fans Getting Piece Of The Agro Crag

Every single baseball season, fans are treated to some sort of throwback game, with the teams playing set to wear ridiculous uniforms to pay homage to whatever the theme is.

Teams have gone with Star Wars themes and Ninja Turtles nights in the past, but this summer, the Brooklyn Cyclones—the Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets—are asking fans, “Do do do, do ya have it?”

//’s right, children of the ’90s, if you know that question, then you can probably tell where this shit’s going, as the team will be throwing a Guts-themed night next month for fans to relive the famous Nickelodeon action sports competition show.


Sporting jerseys that are fucking ugly, but dope, as hell, the Cyclones will are pulling out all the stops with this one, handing out brown bag lunches with Gushers, Capri Sun and Handi Snax for fans.

Oh, but it gets better, as the team has miniature versions of, get this, the fucking Agro Crag for fans who purchase the Extreme Arena Package—which sounds fitting for a piece of the Crag.

With other competitions throughout the game that include Moon Shoe Race Around the Bases, Worst AOL Screen Name, and a (Tommy) Pickles Eating Contest, the ’90s will be in full-swing during the August 12th tilt.

Fuck, what I wouldn’t have done to get on Guts back in the day, who knew that climbing that mountain for the piece of The Crag could be done by just getting a baseball ticket?

Thank you, Brooklyn Cyclones, you have won the throwback game in a big way.