NY Islanders Fans Are Being Real Dicks And Trying To Put A Stop To A Popular Goal Celebration

Poor Daniel Bryan. He’s having a crappy end of the year. It started off great — a world championship and recognition in his profession after years of killing himself inside the ring all over the world.

It’s been all downhill since. Now the poor guy isn’t welcomed at New York Islanders games. Well, his popular “Yes!” chant isn’t welcome. I’m sure Islanders fans wouldn’t care if Daniel Bryan came to a few home games.

According to an Islanders fan site, Islanders season ticket holders are organizing a campaign to stop “Yes!” chants during goal celebrations.

Since the start of the season, multiple calls have been placed by season ticket holders to voice their frustration with one part of their experience at Islanders games.

No, it’s not Brian Strait perfecting his imitation of a traffic cone, it’s not Matt Martin’s extended TOI. Season ticket holders are asking for the organization to put an end to the Daniel Bryan “Yes Yes Yes” Chants following Islander’s goals.

An ticket rep who wishes to go unnamed told Isleblog, “The calls have been coming in on weekly basis, asking to end the chants after goals. A majority of the callers have been the older demographic, which make up a large portion of our season ticket holders.”

This seems odd, to say the least. Maybe it’s just the fact that hockey fans are a superstitious bunch so any “new” celebrations are deemed bad luck. Maybe it’s just because the “Yes!” chant is now synonymous with the World Champion San Francisco Giants and it sucks to be the team that rips off another team’s celebratory chants.

Either way, they’re being real dicks about all this. How about you just celebrate the fact your team is doing well for the first time in thirty years?

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