Yankees Fans Loudly Chant ‘F— The Astros’, ‘F— Altuve’, ‘You’re A Cheater’ During Game Vs Houston Astros

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Baseball fans still really hate the Houston Astros.

Back in 2019 the Astros were labeled cheaters after the MLB found the team banged on trash cans to alert hitters to what pitches were coming during their 2017 World Series run. Since then, fans around the country have mercilessly trolled the Astros whenever they come into town. On Tuesday night, it was the Yankees fans’ turn to mess with the Astros players.

Even before the game started Yankees fans were chanting ‘You’re a cheater’ at Carlos Correa.

Things really popped off when Jose Altuve went up to bat. Not only did Altuve get loudly booed by fans but they immediately started chanting “fuck Altuve.”

A “fuck the Astros” could later be heard on the TV broadcast.

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