Odell Beckham Jr. Banged His Head Against Steel Wall And Growled To Himself After Loss To Eagles

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It appears that Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t take losing to the Eagles too well last night. After the game, Beckham reportedly banged his head against a steel wall and growled to himself before being escorted to the locker room by team owner John Mara.

Via The NY Post

NHe stood in the tunnel adjacent to the visitors’ locker room and fumed, emitting guttural sounds of anguish in a display of utter frustration. Then he stood facing a steel wall and banged his head into it, once, twice, three times, before team officials, including co-owner John Mara, consoled him, with Mara patting him on the back as Beckham slowly made his way into the locker room.

Love the passion but banging your head against a steel wall doesn’t seem like a smart move.

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