Report: Odell Beckham Jr. Likely Facing Suspension For Hit On Josh Norman

Anyone watching the Panthers-Giants game yesterday saw Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers’ cornerback Josh Norman going at it all game. The feud escalated to the point where the Giants wide receiver took a completely unabated helmet-to-helmet shot to Norman’s head, and left most people scratching theirs wondering how the refs let the game get so out of hand, and how Odell Beckham Jr. was still playing in it when he caught the game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Ask anyone who has watched their fair share of football, and they’ll tell you Beckham should’ve been ejected from that game, and probably Norman, too. Well now it sounds as if the league is going to take action against the Giants’ star for his actions, and it’s going to come in the form of a one game suspension next week.

About damn time the NFL does something. Completely inexcusable the duo weren’t flagged early on when the fighting began, if you ask me. The first tussle happened literally in front of the umpire, and he stared at them and did nothing, likely because of Beckham’s star-power and the Giants’ fans bearing down around him.

Shouldn’t matter who you are; rules are rules. Odell Beckham Jr. broke them time and time again yesterday. Dude deserved one game at the very least.