Legal Expert O.J. Simpson Hopes Antonio Brown Didn’t Commit Sexual Assault Because He Really Needs Him In Fantasy Football

OJ Simpson Tweeted About Antonio Brown Being Sued For Sexual Assault

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Because he knows the world was waiting to hear from him on the subject, O.J. Simpson headed back to Twitter to share his reaction to Antonio Brown being sued for sexual assault and, more importantly, how this new development could affect his fantasy football team.

The Juice has already gone on record with his complaints about Andrew Luck retiring and screwing him over after he took the Colts QB in his fantasy football draft.

Simpson has also been on a roller coaster of emotions the past several days because he also drafted Antonio Brown.

As if all of that drama between the Raiders and Antonio Brown wasn’t enough stress, now comes word that A.B. is being sued for rape?! What’s The Juice to do?!

“This week, not long ago, a few hours ago, I’m wondering, should I play Antonio Brown as my flex next week? I’m a little concerned if he’ll be on a pitch count. I don’t think the Patriots will totally bench Dorsett. He’ll still get some time because of the great game he had. But then, I saw where somebody accused Antonio of rape,” Simpson shared in his latest Twitter video. “Now, lets make one thing clear, he was accused, not charged. I don’t know how that’s going to affect him this week. I’m hoping its not true. Nothing I knew about Antonio would make me think he would do something like that, but as Antonio Brown turns, is where we’re living now. I hope it’s not true, I’m just saying.”

He would know, right?

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Phew! Nice to hear that despite all the Luck and Brown issues, O.J. is still undefeated after the first week of fantasy football. Honestly, he’s just lucky he still has time for fantasy football what with his ongoing search for the real killer still underway.

As usual, responses to Simpson’s latest Twitter video were very serious and insightful.


We’ll see ourselves out.

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