Dr. O.J. Simpson Is Getting Crushed For Video Saying We Need To Keep Golf Courses Open: ‘People Need Them’

OJ Simpson Says We Need To Keep Golf Courses Open People Need Them

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First off, how is it that O.J. Simpson, who owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 MILLION in a wrongful death settlement, is still a member of a nice country club in Las Vegas while I can’t afford to hit my local links more than a few times a year?

The reason I ask that question is because that’s all this motherfucker does: golf.

Oh, and give out rock solid advice on Twitter about how to deal with the current global pandemic because he’s familiar with… how to keep older people healthy?

Both of which “The Juice” did recently when he posted a Twitter video (“Hello Twitter world, it’s George Truly.”) stating that in this time of crisis, when everyone is self-isolating in order to protect one another from getting infected and, well, dying or killing another human being, Simpson wants America to keep its golf courses open because “a lot of people need them,” especially older people.

You know, the same older people who are more likely to die if they are infected.

Then again, when did O.J. Simpson ever have to worry about killing anyone? Oh… right.

As has now become standard operating procedure with Simpson, “some replies were hidden by the Tweet author” because “The Juice” believes that will somehow stop people from seeing them.

Much like his ice cold take on golf courses shutting down, he would be wrong. I’m just sayin…

That’s what I’m saying!

He’s still working on it, like he promised.

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