Someone Mashed Up Old NBA Team Logos With Current Ones And Many Of These Should Be Used Right Now

by 2 years ago

old nba logos mashed up with current

We’ve seen some crazy good graphic design work (and some not so great, yet still entertaining work) over the years when it comes to random people creating unique new logos, uniforms and even stadiums.

Every single one of them were all better than what the Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Browns dreamed up when designing their new logos.

We’ve even seen an amazing GIF someone put together showing the evolution of each NBA team’s logo…


Which brings us to today. Some mad scientist graphic designer on Reddit decided to take that GIF you see above and go one step further by combining each team’s old logos with their current one. And once again, some of these are better than what teams are using right now.

Check ’em out…