Old-Timer Rangers Fan Explodes On Fans Behind Him After His Teams’ Game 7 OT Win

by 4 years ago
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You really gotta be going through some shit if you can’t let bygones be bygones after one of the greatest moments in New York sports recent history. Top shelf, Game 7, advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, there’s legit nothing that could upset me. Call me a spineless pussy and pour a full beer on my head, I’d probably beg to take a selfie with you after and ask for your Insta name to tag you in it. I don’t care if I turned around and saw my girlfriend making out with my dad, I’d probably proposition for a triple kiss. Or if my girl ever wanted to break it to me that she’s pregnant, that’s the time to strike. Oh it’s a girl? AWESOME, that was in my top two choices! I just overdrew my account after buying this $12 beer, but we’ll figure out how to care for another human being later, babe! Let’s just enjoy this moment!

God damnit, dude. Do less. You flip a fucking lid on Christmas morning when your wife forgets to put sugar in your coffee? It’s for the kids, old man. You throw a haymaker at a stranger when the New Years’ ball drops? That’s no way to live life, man. I don’t know how many dudes your killed in ‘Nam, but no need to choke the life out of our joy on American soil.

Best part of the video by far is after grandpa goes on a tirade, turns around and respectfully claps for the Rangers. So many conflicting emotions, surprised his head didn’t explode.

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