This 6’10” 12-Year-Old Dominating Kids On An 8-Foot Hoop Should Be Outlawed


Remember when you were but a young youth playing basketball in your friend’s driveway with a cold pitcher of lemonade, The Eminem Show blaring on the boombox, and the basketball hoop lowered to seven feet so you could toss each other alley oops just like in the pros? Whatta time. What a fucking time.

Well, Olivier Rioux is a 6-foot-10 French basketball player who, in his 12 years on this planet, has never had to lower the basketball hoop to throw down some jelly jams, because as I said, HE’S A SIX-FOOT-FUCKING-TEN 12-YEAR-OLD.

In any event, I guess in France they lower the rims to 8-feet even when the kids hit 12 years old (I thought this was reserved for six years old), so Rioux is the size of Kevin Garnett playing on a rim made for ANTS.

Check out his highlight reel below. It’s v funny.

It appears that Rioux isn’t just a big stiff. The dude actually has some touch and footwork beyond his years. If he keeps this up, him and LeBron James Jr. could start the super team of 2028. You heard it here first.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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