Olivia Dunne Falls To The Floor In Tight Gymwear To Celebrate Major Accomplishment

Olivia Dunne

Dusana Risovic/Getty Images

Olivia Dunne isn’t just acing her gymnastics routines; she’s also making a splash on social media.

The LSU gymnastics sensation has massive following of over 10 million combined on Instagram and TikTok – that’s more than the number of cups of coffee I’ve had today.

In her latest TikTok video, Olivia takes us on to the LSU locker room.

Olivia celebrated passing the dreaded conditioning test for the gymnastics team by falling to her knees. The video flashes the words “That feeling when you pass the conditioning test” on screen, to explain what all the excitement is about.

And if that wasn’t enough, Olivia’s caption reads, “Ask us if we can feel our legs.”, Dunne finally earned some much needed rest.

To make this celebration even more epic, there’s the iconic background music – “Sweet Victory” by the Baseball Hockey Sports Crew.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Olivia’s recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit beach shoot went viral quickly. Meanwhile, my beach shoots consist of me spilling sunscreen on my towel.

And let’s not forget the “I’m Thirsty” challenge – Olivia lounging in a bikini while her friend pours water on her.

Dunne also recently went viral after posting pictures of herself wearing pink gymwear on the LSU campus.

But the grand finale? Olivia flaunted her incredible flexibility in tight gym gear during an LSU gymnastics workout.

Olivia Dunne: gymnastics superstar, social media sensation, and the reason we all prefer a little more drama in our floor routines.