High Schooler Sinks The Most Improbable Buzzer Beater You’ll Ever See

by 3 years ago

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It takes some people decades upon decades before they peak, this high schooler from Texas just peaked before ever even getting to college. THIS IS NOT hyperbole, this Austin High School basketball player named Oman Oman just threw down the most spectacular buzzer beater I’ve ever witnessed and this is going to be the most unbelievable buzzer beater you’ll ever see:

There was 1.6 seconds on the clock and he chucked the ol’ leather pumpkin 80 feet down the court to sink the shot as the game winner. His entire team (and then school) rushes the court to celebrate him dropping the hammer, pulling off the most improbable buzzer beater a high school player has ever hit. By sinking that three-pointer the Austin High School men’s basketball team won the game by ONE POINT.

If someone were scripting a cheesy high school movie (think Varsity Blues for basketball) they’d probably draft up an ending as spectacular as this one but when it came time to submit their scrip to the editor they’d probably be told ‘go back and rewrite this, nobody will ever believe this could happen in real life’. That’s how outrageously spectacular this 80-foot buzzer beater is/was.

Now I almost feel badly for Oman Oman, because life is all going downhill for him from that moment forward. He’ll never do anything even half as awesome as that. He’ll never feel that feeling of complete glory again because nothing he can do in life will be that glorious. So poor one out for Oman Oman, Texas’ most fortunate and unfortunate high school basketball player. (via r/sports)

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