This Oregon Ducks Concept Uniform Looks Like My Lazy Sunday Couch Potato Sweatpants

Sports concept artist @alksports mocked up some heather grey uniforms for the Oregon Ducks and, for some reason, I feel like going hoodie up and never moving from my couch while ordering round after round of delivery.

BroBible’s own J Camm said, “That uniform makes me want to go back to high school and take a nap on my grey jersey knit sheets.”

Yes, it does. Yes, it do.

Alternatively, you could say that it looks like Rocky Balboa’s / Apollo Creed’s Kid’s sweatpant-suit when they’re running through the streets of Philly for their training montages. Inspiring on a higher level.

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The designer created this uniform based on a fan request and so far that fan is the only one to comment on the IG post. I feel a Photoshop frenzy comin’ on.

This uni is a far cry from the team’s glow in the darks, their “hella-dope” Civil Wars, their “fresh” All-Whites, and their salute to the military.

Check out some of the designer’s other mocks:

Penn State BLACKOUT unis? I almost just blacked out.

Why don’t more football teams do this? So Sun Devilish. Incineration City.

Gamecocks could use a little more peacocking.

Montana lookin’ straight Grizzly.

North Dakota State pants are definitely not gluten-free.

For more ridonculous concepts, follow alksports on Instagram @alksports

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