Oreo Gives NBA Fans Sticker Shock With Price It’s Charging For A Dozen Team-Inspired Cookies

Oreo cookies

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Even the most casual sports fans are very aware that franchises, leagues, and the networks that cover their games have mastered the art of corporate synergy.

That includes the NBA, which has managed to figure out how to squeeze as much money as possible out of viewers and advertisers to a point where it surpassed $10 billion in revenue for the first time ever last year.

A good chunk of that income stream comes from the many, many, many partnerships it forms with its many, many, many sponsors.

That includes Oreo, which teamed up with the league ahead of this year’s All-Star Weekend festivities to produce a special-edition run of cookies covered in icing and sprinkles and emblazoned with the logos of each of its 30 teams.

The Oreo x NBA collab officially dropped on Wednesday, but more than a few fans who went to check out the cookies were in for a rude surprise when they discovered Oreo was charging a cool $39.95 for a dozen of them (a price that doesn’t even include shipping and handling).

That’s obviously a bit more than you’d have to shell out for a standard pack of Oreos, as you normally don’t have to pay more than $5 to get your hands on a package that contains three dozen cookies.

It would obviously be unfair to equate the two, as the NBA-themed Oreos are a novelty item with a limited run, special packaging, and a consumable product that features a few more bells and whistles than you can get at your typical grocery store.

With that said, plenty of people still balked at the price tag after stumbling across what they viewed as a cash grab.

Oreos might be made for dunking, but I guess you could say this promotion isn’t exactly…a slam dunk.

I know. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

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