Packers Reportedly Believe Teams Around The NFL Have Been Tampering With Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers tampering

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The situation between the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t appear to be getting any better, in fact, it seems to be getting worse every day that goes by that the QB is still employed by the Packers.

To no real surprise, Green Bay’s front office is upset about a number of things. Not only is the front office angry with how things are playing out and how everything is being portrayed in the media, but it’s also upset at teams around the league for allegedly tampering with Rodgers.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky joined Thursday’s edition of Get Up and shared that at least two teams have tampered with Rodgers, at least, that’s what the Packers’ front office is thinking.

“Those inside building are seething right now because they believe other teams have been tampering with Rodgers,” Demovsky said. “The violations are obvious. You cannot talk about players in press conferences that are on other teams and talk about pursuing them. The 49ers have done that and there are indications that maybe the Broncos were involved.”

Demovsky also explained that a league source told him that Green Bay has not filed for tampering charges yet.

Green Bay likely has a bad taste in its mouth from its last attempt at filing tampering charges back in 2008 with Brett Favre. It turned out to be a total mess and the NFL dismissed the charges.

Both the Broncos and 49ers were teams on Rodgers’ reported ‘wish list,’ but San Francisco may have been crossed off said list after it went out and drafted Trey Lance with the third-overall pick during last week’s NFL Draft.