The Parking Lot Fight Between These Packers And Seahawks Fans Kicks Off With A Hellacious Sucker Punch


It’s unclear where this brawl happened, what ignited it and why some participants are topless, but according to the YouTube description those involved are drunk Packers and Seahawks fans. Well, I guess that kind of explains why a few dudes went shirtless.Nothing stinks more of badass-ery quite like a guy who takes his shirt off to fight.

Like I said, the fight kicks off with a sucker punch. Based on the photo above, can you guess who throws it? It’s kind of obvious, but if you’re thinking one of the guys who went shirtless, you’d be wrong. Everyone knows dudes who fight topless fight with honor. Do you see that guy in the left corner? Although he decided to keep his shirt on, he’s the one you want to pay attention to.

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