Padres Fans Were Spotted Throwing Beer Cans At Cody Bellinger And Starting Fights In The Outfield Stands

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Getty Image / Jayne Kamin-Oncea

  • The Padres are hosting the Dodgers in a divisional series this weekend
  • Actions of the fans is taking away from what’s been an entertaining series on the field
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The Dodgers and Padres have been involved in a highly entertaining series this weekend as they battle for positioning in the National League West.

Los Angeles nabbed game 1 before San Diego stormed back with an extra inning win in game 2 to even the series at a game apiece. Unfortunately, there’s been some extracurricular activity that’s taken away from the on-field action.

In Saturday night’s action, one Padres fan was spotted chucking a beer can at Los Angeles outfielder Cody Bellinger as he backtracked towards the wall to make a catch on the warning track.

Luckily the throw was well off the mark and didn’t factor into Bellinger’s making the play.

Bellinger does good to keep his cool after seeing the projectile launched from the bleachers. The Dodgers outfielder could’ve easily reacted, turning this into a situation like we saw at the end of the Yankees-Guardians game on Saturday afternoon.

Fans shouldn’t throw trash at players. Ever. But it’s becoming more and more prevalent in the world of sports.

In this case, it seems like a case of a fan having a bit too much to drink, which has been a theme over the first two games of the series.

Not only have fans been seen antagonizing the players, but there have been a number of fights between members on both sides. It’s not surprising given their history, though, as we saw this exact scene unfold in LA just last year.

Any time these two teams get together, it seems that these extracurricular incidents are inevitable, which is unfortunate for the both the players and fans that are just trying to enjoy the game.

It’s been ugly all around thus far.


The madness continued after last night’s game with overserved Padres fans taking the party to the streets, celebrating the win like it was game 7 of the World Series.

Hopefully things will be a bit more relaxed in Sunday afternoon action and the beer cans stay in the hands of the fans. Both teams will try to win the rubber match and take home a series win.