Paige Spiranac Delights Her TikTok Followers By Asking Which Outfit They Like Best

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Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac has been crazy busy the past few weeks. Between launching her VIP-only website OnlyPaige and doing Super Bowl spots for Inside Edition, it’s amazing how much content she has still been able to churn out on social media.

She is obviously hella good at time management because after posting just three times on TikTok since around Thanksgiving she’s been lighting it up over there with a wave of new videos the past couple of weeks.

This is in addition to her usual efforts over on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and her podcast.

Of course, by now, Paige Spiranac has figured out the formula for success on these platforms. It doesn’t take a genius to do that. She just manages to hit the bullseye almost every single time.

Case in point: over the weekend she was back on TikTok asking a very simple question.

“The two versions of me lol which one do you prefer?” she asked in the video’s description.

Then, in the 32 second video, Spiranac shows off an outfit she calls “Country Club Golfer.” After a little shimmy and shake, she jumps off then back on screen with a new fit she calls “IG Golf Girl.”

As we have seen before, Paige Spiranac already knows the answer to her question.


The two versions of me lol which one do you prefer?

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

“IG no doubt. Stunning as always,” one viewer commented, echoing the majority of her viewers.

Not everyone went for the IG Golf Girl though.

“The button up version is most attractive- showing less can be more – just me,” another wrote.

“That’s like asking which version of you is more gorgeous… answer has to be both,” someone else commented.

“That button’s never gonna hold,” joked another viewer.

“At this stage you could post anything you like. A cat, a tractor … and I would just press like straight away,” replied another, speaking the truth.

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