Pandora Offers LeBron A Free Subscription After Wade Calls Him Cheap, James Responds And More

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YouTube - ESPN

On Monday, Rachel Nichols of ESPN shared a little teaser of an interview she did with long-time buddies and once-again teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. It was hysterical.

Between Wade calling LeBron the cheapest guy in the NBA, LeBron trying to disagree and failing, and the two of them once again making fun of LeBron’s lack of hair versus Wade’s head full of locks, it made one long for these two to get their own reality show and was true #BroGoals.

Monday night, the full interview aired on Monday Night Football and ESPN was kind enough to throw it up on YouTube today. It’s a must-watch.

But before we get to that though, during that teaser clip we saw on Monday, LeBron, when addressing his cheapness, said that he doesn’t do roaming charges, doesn’t buy apps, and still uses Pandora with commercials.

Iman Shumpert even backed James up on that last bizarre admission…

Seeing a golden opportunity for a little free publicity, Pandora jumped on Twitter to make LeBron an offer he couldn’t refuse…

Who knew that something that cost as little as $4.99 a month would be the perfect gift for one of the richest athletes in the world?

Other highlights from the tremendously entertaining interview include Wade and LeBron figuring out who is the peanut butter and who is the jelly in their relationship…

They also talked about their infamous trip on the banana boat


Check out the entire interview in full below…