Panthers’ Asking Price For Christian McCaffrey Trade Revealed And NFL Fans Can’t Believe It

The Carolina Panthers are fielding trade offers for running back Christian McCaffrey but they want a ridiculous amount of picks in return.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Panthers have begun listening to trade offers for McCaffrey before the November 1st trade deadline.


The Carolina Panthers are listening to other teams about a potential trade for star running back Christian McCaffrey, although a deal might not be easy to complete, league sources tell ESPN.

The Panthers rebuffed at least two teams’ inquiries into trading for McCaffrey last week and will continue to reject overtures they don’t consider significant offers, according to sources.

Listening hardly means the team is dealing McCaffrey. If the Panthers do not receive what they feel is a real offer — with a high draft pick or multiple picks — they are adamant that they will hold on to McCaffrey past the NFL’s Nov. 1 trade deadline, sources told ESPN.

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager is reporting that the Panthers will only consider multiple first-round picks in a trade for McCaffrey.

“It’ll take multiple first-round picks even before they start listening.”

NFL fans immediately mocked the Panthers for their steep asking price for McCaffrey.

“Welp that settles that lmfao CMC ain’t going nowhere. Why tf would anyone trade trade multiple 1sts for a part time player? Panthers aren’t serious after all.”

“Ahh yes multiple firsts for a running back with knee ligaments made of Haribo gummy worms, I bet their phone is ringing off the hook”

“No trade for anyone then. Only team I could see is the Rams because they don’t care about firsts and they wouldn’t be for a couple years from now too”

“anyone who gives up even ONE first round pick for Christian McCaffrey is an idiot”

“So they’re NOT trading him then… who gives up multiple first for a RB in his 6th year in today’s #NFL?”