Parents Go Full Randy Marsh And Brawl At Little Kids Baseball Game In Florida

Two men at a kids baseball game in Cooper City, Florida (Shocker) got into an all-out donnybrook.

I don’t know exactly what caused the brouhaha during a little kids baseball game, but I surmise something along the lines of this sparked the brawl.

Drunk Dad – “Hey ump, you should have called infield fly rule on that last fucking play!”

Ump – “Dan, these kids are 5-years-old, most of them can’t even hit a stationary ball off a tee.”

Drunk Dad – “That’s fucked up. My kid wouldn’t be out right now if you called the infield fly rule.”

Ump – “Relax Dan, that kid didn’t drop the pop-up on purpose to try to get a double play. He’s 5-years-old.”

Drunk Dad – “Well you’re a fucking lousy ump who can’t call a game for shit!”

Ump – “This isn’t about the infield fly is it Dan? This is really about last summer when you got hammered drunk off of Blue Raspberry MadDog 20/20 at that graduation party and your wife gave my nuts a tongue bath in the shed while you were blacked out?”

Drunk Dad – “I’m gonna fucking crush your larynx!!!”

On the bright side, there was no arrests were made and no one was taken to the hospital, so the only ones who got hurt were the 20 or so innocent children who are permanently emotionally scarred. All in all, a good day in Florida.

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