Pat McAfee Couldn’t Contain His Laughter When Aaron Rodgers Brought Up Joe Rogan

  • Aaron Rodgers was a guest on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Friday where he discussed his current situation for the first time
  • The entire interview was off the rails front minute 1 and viewers had no clue what Aaron was going to say next
  • At one point, Aaron Rodgers brought up consulting with Joe Rogan and host Pat McAfee had to cover his face and stifle laughter from the camera
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If you haven’t seen the full Aaron Rodgers interview on The Pat McAfee Show yet, you’re in luck. We have a LOT of coverage about it here on BroBible already.

You can check out all of the Twitter reactions to the Rodgers x McAfee interview here. And you can find an in-depth rundown of highlights and quotes from the McAfee Show x Aaron Rodgers interview here.

One of the more memorable moments from the McAfee Show interview was when Aaron Rodgers said he’d consulted with his “close friend” Joe Rogan. The same Joe Rogan who recently went through a similar health scare himself, and also the same Joe Rogan who used to host Fear Factor and feed people cockroaches.

When Rodgers brought up Rogan, host Pat McAfee couldn’t stifle his laughter and I missed it in real-time but caught it on Twitter. In hindsight, it might have been the funniest moment from the interview.

Pat McAfee Stifles Laughter When Aaron Rodgers Brought Up Joe Rogan

Look again and you’ll see AJ Hawk stifling a smirk as well:

The reactions were excellent once everyone started noticing that McAfee was laughing at Rodgers discussing the Fear Factor guy giving him medical advice.

The reactions are spot on. There were extreme ‘I feel bad for our country but this is tremendous content’ vibes to the entire interview.

There were also big ‘Jimmy Fallon Ruins The SNL Skit When He Laughs’ vibes and everyone trying to hold back laughing in Aaron’s face was attempting to avoid being the Fallon in this situation.

If you haven’t seen the full segment yet, you can look for it on Pat’s YouTube channel:

What a weird news cycle we’re in.