Pat McAfee Wants To Know If The New England Patriots’ Deflategate Is Going To Interfere With His Strawberry Margs


Late last night news broke that 11 of the 12 balls taken from the New England Patriots were significantly deflated. If you’ll allow me to jump to conclusions here …that does not sound like a coincidence.

The franchise, which knows a thing or two about gaining advantages through questionable avenues (cheating, if you’re more blunt) could now face unknown penalties.

The NFL has no comment at this time and the investigation is still ongoing.

But don’t expect anything drastic to happen to Tom Brady’s crew. It’s not like they’re going to be yanked from the Super Bowl or anything. That would just be crazy.

If, for some reason, it does happen and the Indianapolis Colts get a miracle free pass, Bro King and punter Pat McAfee is ready.

It’s unclear how many strawberry margaritas McAfee consumes in a normal day. One has to think at least five. He’s a big dude.