Pat McAfee Surprised At Intense Backlash From Fans Over ESPN Move

Pat McAfee on the set of his show

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Pat McAfee wasn’t aware that a majority of his audience doesn’t like ESPN.

Earlier this week, McAfee announced that he was moving his show over to ESPN. While making the announcement, McAfee tried to assure fans that he would maintain full creative control and that his show wouldn’t change.

McAfee would immediately face backlash from fans who are now calling him a sellout and believe the show will indeed change under ESPN’s management.

During Thursday’s Pat McAfee show, McAfee admitted that he was surprised by the backlash to signing with ESPN.

“It’s been tough to go over the mentions, “It has been tough out there. I don’t think I expected that. That was a miscalculation … I think the reason I didn’t expect it is because it didn’t even cross my mind…I feel like our people are the ones that were most mad. It’s like, ‘Hey, we have a good history, do we not?’”

“I don’t know,” McAfee added. “I guess not. … Some of the things that are being said are very, very, very rude.”

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