Patrick Mahomes Wins Mother’s Day With Completely Over-The-Top Gift For His Wife Brittany

Patrick Mahomes Wins Mother's Day With Completely Over-The-Top Gift For His Wife Brittany

Getty Image / Chase Agnello-Dean

  • Brittany and Patrick Mahomes celebrated their first Mother’s Day as a married couple and the Kansas City QB went all out with this year’s gift
  • Patrick shared a picture of the gift he purchased for Brittany Mahomes which made everyone jealous
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There really isn’t much in life that Patrick Mahomes can’t afford. He has already made over $47 million in his short 5-year NFL career and he’s in the midst of a 10-year contract that will take him to $491 million just in contract earnings.

Patrick Mahomes is already wealthy and on his way to being uber-wealthy when you tack on the savvy investments that are expected to make him the first-ever NFL player to become a billionaire. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he spent a literal fortune on a Mother’s Day gift for his wife Brittany Mahomes (formerly Brittany Matthews).

He won Mother’s Day. It’s that simple. I purchased my wife like six gifts that she specifically requested and it pales in comparison to what Patrick Mahomes did for Brittany on their first Mother’s Day as a married couple. The dude bought her a Ferrari.

Patrick Mahomes Wins Mother’s Day With Ferrari Gift For Brittany Mahomes

His caption doesn’t explicitly say that he purchased the Ferrari for his wife but she posted a picture to Instagram just a day before with the caption ‘Ferrari Gang’ at some sort of gala. Then this picture appears to be from inside their home’s garage so yeah, it looks like he bought her the Ferrari for Mother’s Day or at least wants us to believe so….

What NFL Fans Are Saying About The Ferrari Purchase

If they had a reality TV show, I’d watch. Not gonna lie..

Why not both?

Look at the size of that diamond. It’s bigger than a marble.

It’s no secret that NFL fans outside of Kansas City have very strong opinions about Brittany Mahomes and Patrick’s brother Jackson Mahomes. But it’s clear as day they are a happily married couple and Patrick loves and values his wife so it’s nice to see him going all out with such a special gift.