Multiple NFL Insiders Have Shot Down Reports That The Patriots Are Interested In Resigning Antonio Brown

patriots not resigning antonio brown

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The Patriots had to know they were taking a bit of a gamble on Antonio Brown when they decided to sign him in September after the wide receiver was released from the Raiders thanks to the divalike tendencies that had caused the Steelers to ship him to Oakland in the first place.

New England has a history of helping embattled players turn things around but there was only so much the team could do to avoid succumbing to outside pressure after multiple women came forward to accuse Brown of sexual misconduct and they would ultimately release him after he played just a single game.

Brown initially reacted to the news with grace before deciding to change course a couple of days later by referencing Robert Kraft’s alleged affinity for illicit massage parlors in a now-deleted tweet, but last month, he reversed course and said he would be open to playing for the Patriots again if they were willing to have him back (which was admittedly a very big “if”).

Earlier this week, Brown unexpectedly apologized to Kraft for his various transgressions, which caused LaVar Arrington to speculate Tom Brady was trying to help his former teammate get in the owner’s good graces (although the quarterback was quick to deny that theory).

On Thursday, things took quite the turn when a report surfaced that suggested the Patriots were looking into the possibility of resigning Brown.

However, it didn’t take long for those rumors to get put to rest, as NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran debunked the claim before The Athletic’s Jeff Howe came forward to do the same.

Brown met with the NFL about the aforementioned allegations last week and it’s still unclear if he’s even allowed to play in the league as things currently stand, so while there’s little doubt he’ll be signed by someone if he’s ultimately cleared, it doesn’t look like New England will be in the conversation.

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